Winter Property Maintenance

Lots of landlords forget how extreme the winter in the UK sometimes really is. Here are a few tips to ensure you don’t get caught out with any nasty costly surprises this winter.

Protect your pipes from freezing

You should remember to leave the heating on a low temperate, even if the property is unoccupied, to avoid pipes freezing and bursting.

Check drains and gutters

It is advisable to instruct a maintenance contractor to visit your property to ensure that your drains and gutters are not blocked. During the winter, guttering can become extremely heavy with frozen water which can lead to it breaking and falling.

Drain your water system

During the winter months, your property may be vacant for a significant period of time and if you are not leaving central heating on, you might be tempted to simply turn your water off. However, there is often a lot of water left in the system, which could potentially cause damage. Instructing a plumber to drain the system (water and central heating) will help to eliminate the risk.

Get your chimney swept

Chimney fires can not only cause thousands of pounds in damage, then a loss of rental income whilst the property is being repaired, but more importantly could cause serious harm or death. It is vital to get your chimney swept at least once a year to protect your Tenants and your property.

Insurance obligations

Remember that if your property will be vacant for a prolonged period of time, your insurance obligations might be compromised. Always double check your policy to protect your Investment

Room Thermostats Working

to make sure your boiler is working to the best efficiency you need to ensure the room thermostats in your property are working correctly. If they are not you could be reducing the life of your boiler and making you property less energy efficient as boiler will be running at full blast not knowing when to turn itself off.

At Focal Point Estates we have a fully trained and certified maintenance team who can ensure your property and valued possession is safe and protected over the British winters ahead.


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